The key to the MillPro® System is the MillPro Temperature Suppressant Encapsulating Agent (MillPro TS-EA). The MillPro TS-EA actually changes the surface of every water molecule, adding a new molecular skin to each droplet. The new and unique molecular design allows for specific alignment within a water droplet to accomplish significantly higher heat reduction with a much lower application density than with water alone. Once an excursion occurs, MillPro TS-EA is injected into the mill as a fine mist and cooling begins immediately, reducing damage to your equipment and returning your mill to standard operating conditions within seconds.

Water Usage


At the same application density, MillPro utilizes as much as 83% less water to extinguish the same fire.

Cooling Rate


At the same application density of 0.30 gpm/ft², the temperature of the MillPro solution drops to 118°F in 10 seconds, 3 times faster than plain water.